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Our limited edition York Gin Grey Lady celebrates the 275th anniversary of the York Theatre Royal. 

The Grey Lady is a ghost said to haunt the dress circle, stage left of the theatre.

Our classic London Dry gin is distilled with Earl Grey Tea & infused with blue pea-flower, creating a delicate grey hue.

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The Grey Lady legend 

In medieval times, a young nun at St Leonard’s Hospital, on the site of the current theatre, fell in love with a nobleman, breaking her religious vows.

As punishment, she was imprisoned and entombed in what is now the Keregan Room of the theatre. Her body was never recovered when the hospital was demolished and the theatre was built the site. 

But it’s said that her spirit was disturbed and she now haunts the theatre’s dress circle. 

One of her most famous sightings was in August 1975 when she appeared and halted a rehearsal of Dear Octopus. 

A light grey mist appeared and moved slowly across the dress circle. The doors to the foyer were locked, no-one was in the dress circle and no one was smoking. There was no obvious natural explanation for the manifestation that the wide-eyed cast witnessed. They watched awe-struck as the mist contracted into a tiny ball and disappeared.

Before and since, regular sightings of the Grey Lady spirit have been reported.

York Gin Grey Lady is available exclusively at the York Theatre Royal, the York Gin Shop and online.