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LIMITED EDITION: York Gin Batch No 1 Gift Pack

A very special 50cl bottle of York Gin London Dry - an engraved, limited edition from our very first batch in a beautifully designed display box (personally signed by York Gin's founders) along with two slate coasters. A perfect gift for that special gin lover in your life or a collector’s item that may prove to be a crafty investment. (If you can resist drinking the gin!)

Available online and in our shop - 12 Pavement. Limited stock.

York Gin London Dry 42.5%

This gin is an idea gift for someone with great taste. Why? Well, the Great Taste Awards 2019 described it as “perfect” and gave it two stars. We put the Great Taste badge on the bottle - so people with great taste will recognise how thoughtful you’ve been to buy such an appropriate present.

Available online and at our shop - 12 Pavement, York.

York Gin Roman Fruit 42.5%

This is wonderful as a Christmas gin - even though the Romans weren’t huge on Christmas or Christians (until Constantine become one late in the Empire’s history). The colour is perfectly festive. Add a cinnamon stick and a slice of orange - and you have Christmas in a glass.


Available online and at our shop - 12 Pavement, York.

York Gin Outlaw Navy Strength 57%

One of the best gins in the world, so whoever receives this is one lucky Christmas angel - even if it’s inspired by York’s baddies, Guy Fawkes, Dick Turpin and 'Yorkshire Witch', Mary Bateman. At 57%, it’s not really a gin to be served in “home measures” at a Christmas party. Better to save for the New Year. 

Available online and at our shop - 12 Pavement, York.

York Gin Old Tom

Our most famous gin after winning a Gold Outstanding medal at the International Wine & Spirit Competition 2019, and a Gold medal at the Spirits Business Gin Masters 2019. Festive cheers to our Michelin-starred collaborators The Star Inn, Harome and Andrew Pern. York Gin Old Tom really is a present to make any gin lover purr with pleasure. 

Available online and at our shop - 12 Pavement, York.

York Gin Grey Lady

This is our blue-grey gin that’s distilled with Earl Grey tea and infused with blue pea flower. An ideal present for tea lovers and ghost hunters (it’s inspired by one of York’s most famous ghouls, the Grey Lady who haunts York Theatre Royal's dress circle) - a spirited spirit.

Available online, at our shop - 12 Pavement, York - and at York Theatre Royal.

York Gin Triple Pack

If you know someone who loves multi-packs and appreciates very cute bottles - here’s the present for them. Three different York Gins (5cl each - a double measure) in one beautiful pack. They fit in most pockets too! And they do make a better present than other multi-packs, like crisps.

Available online and at our shop - 12 Pavement, York.

York Gin Double Pack

For those with smaller pockets and/or budgets, the mini 5cl double pack is an ideal alternative to the triple pack. You can also choose 20cl double packs - if you love your recipient four times as much.

Available online and at our shop - 12 Pavement, York.

York Gin Christmas Gift Pack: 50cl bottle & two slate coasters

A 50cl bottle of York Gin London Dry, York Gin Roman Fruit or York Gin Outlaw and two branded slate coasters, packed in a beautiful box. Perfect if you find gift wrapping a chore and your recipient enjoys “extras”.

Available only in our shop at 12 Pavement, York.

Pink Grapefruit & York Gin Marmalade

We think Paddington Bear would fancy this in his sandwiches - if he liked gin or grapefruit. Made by Bessie’s Yorkshire Preserves, it’s deliciously tart and satisfying. And more than a novelty present for a gin-and-marmalade-loving auntie or neighbour.

Available only in our shop at 12 Pavement, York.

Mincemeat with York Gin

‘Gince pies’ are mince pies filled with mincemeat that’s been soaked in gin. In this case, Bessie’s Yorkshire Preserves have soaked their already scrumptious mincemeat in York Gin. Mince pies may never be the same again. At least here in York. 

Available only in our shop at 12 Pavement, York.

York Gin Copa glass

Scientific research suggests that drinking a G&T from a Copa glass releases the flavours better than from other shaped glasses. Copa glasses are also bigger - meaning they hold more gin. End of.

Available online & at our shop - 12 Pavement, York.

York Gin Chocolates

York is famous for its chocolate - Kit Kats, Terrys Chocolate Oranges, etc, etc. The genius chocolatiers at York’s Chocolate Story infused their mouth-watering chocolates with our gins. Obviously they’re gorgeous. Get some before they sell out. We’re serious! (More info soon!)

Available at our shop - 12 Pavement, York

York Gin Candles

People love our bottles. Especially when they’re full of gin. But what about when all the gin has tragically gone? How about making a beautiful soy wax candle with a beautiful gin/citrus aroma that lasts for 100 hours? Recycling at its best! That’s called grabbing victory from the jaws of defeat. 

Available online & in our shop at 12 Pavement.

York Gin Hamper

Gift rule: A hamper provides maximum gratitude for minimum effort.

A York Gin hamper takes this to the extreme when the recipient is a gin lover 

Beautifully packed with York Gin & delightful gifts.

Just decide: small, medium or large. (There’s no wrong answer.) 

Available only in our shop at 12 Pavement, York.

York Gin Tea Towels

What’s the UK’s commonest owl? The tea towel. You can use that at Christmas dinner.

The Roman Fruit tea towel is one of the few in existence with Latin words and an English translation emblazoned on the front. 

‘Veni, Vidi, Bibi’ - ‘I came, I saw, I drank’.

Available online (in a set of 3) and individually in our shop at 12 Pavement, York.

York Gin T-shirt

The ideal gift for anyone who hits the York Gin sweet spot of loving gin, York, cats and good quality, cotton T-shirts. Printed in York.

With the wide choice of black or white.

Available only in our shop at 12 Pavement, York.

York Gin Keyring

The gift for someone who has lots of keys who didn’t realise they needed a branded keyring made from re-used pallets. ‘Made in York from pallets’ may not quite have the ring of ‘Made in Scotland from girders’ - but it’s more truthful. 

Available only in our shop at 12 Pavement, York.

Fridge magnet

‘A house without a fridge magnet is like a car without furry dice. Less cluttered but slightly less fun.’ The York Gin fridge magnet is made in York from reclaimed wood - so your gift is ecologically, economically & aesthetically sound too. Well done! 

Available only in our shop at 12 Pavement, York.

York Gin Bags

The York Gin tote bag is perfect for the person who literally wants to wear their gin preference over their shoulder. The York Gin jute is for those who like to wear their gin preference on their sleeve. 

Available online and in our shop at 12 Pavement, York.

Gin rack

York Gin make five different types of gin - and a handmade gin rack shows them off perfectly on your wall. It also makes it easy to reach a bottle when you’re in a rush to mix a G&T. This gin rack (made in York from reclaimed wood) also fits bottles from other gin brands - although York Gin bottles look best. 

Available only in our shop at 12 Pavement, York.

Garnish bag

The recent trend for garnishing one’s G&T with something more exotic than a warm, soggy, flaccid bit of lemon is to be welcomed. And here you’ll find garnishes to complement all our gins. Garnishes come in a free cotton bag that you can re-use to keep your ear-rings and other small things safe. 

Available only in our shop at 12 Pavement, York.

York Gin Slate Coaster

The slate isn’t from York - for the simple reason that we don’t have any slate mines here. They’re engraved with our logo in York though. If you know a proud owner of a coffee or occasional table who is keen to keep its surface pristine, this may be the perfect gift.


Available in our shop at 12 Pavement, York, and as part of York Gin Gift Boxes.

York Gin Beer Mats

We recognise that some people really like to put their glass on a beer mat. It’s just the way they are. And York Gin beer mats are an eye-catching, high quality product that’s within the most limited budget. Granted you don’t get any gin, but with a little imagination ...

Available only in our shop at 12 Pavement, York.


Juni-Purr gin beer

Gin-flavoured beer? Those clever Malton brewers at Brass Castle distilled this ale with the exact botanicals that go into our London Dry gin. The result is a 4.9% Cologne-style Kölsch for those times over Christmas when you want a little break from 42.5% or 57% ABV. 

Available online and at our shop - 12 Pavement, York.

York Gin Baseball Cap

This stylish cap is perfect for anyone who wants to wear their gin preference on their head rather than their sleeve or shoulder (see York Gin bags). Gives Rutterkin, the cat on the York Gin logo a great view from atop the wearer’s head, too.

Available only in our shop at 12 Pavement, York.

Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas from all of us at the York Gin Company.