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On August 1st for Yorkshire day we launch York Gin Cocoa at the York Cocoa works with samples of York Gin Cocoa and gin soaked chocolate.

We’re really excited about YorkGin Cocoa and think it’s going to be a hit with gin lovers and chocolate lovers alike.

Distilling baskets and cocoa nibs

The new gin builds on York’s history of confectionery and chocolate making and celebrates the recently-opened Cocoa Works and the city’s one and only gin distillery.

At the launch there are free samples of the gin and free samples of chocolate made from the same beans used in the distillation process for the gin - Gran Nativo Blanco from Peru.

Expert distillers and chocolatiers are on hand to talk you through the process and our unique collaboration. We’re really thrilled to be working together as two York business using ingredients we can trace to the farmers from around the world.

York Cocoa Works have also been working on gin soaked chocolate which you can try.

To celebrate the launch, Evil Eye Cocktail Bar will be serving an exclusive cocktail using York Gin Cocoa on the day too.

York Gin Cocoa will be available to buy from the House of Trembling Madness, York Chocolate Works and Fenwick in York from August 1 and online soon after.


We have now discontinued production of York Gin Cocoa.