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It’s already a sizzling summer for York Gin - and we’re only half-way through May.

York Gin is now a really popular part of the prestigious London Gin Club’s summer tasting menu. And the club has just written a wonderful review. York Gin has also gone nationwide - chosen as the brilliant Juniper Club’s Gin of the Month for May. And York Gin is now in over 100 bars, pubs, restaurants and shops.

The experts at the London Gin Club rate York Gin

The London Gin Club concludes its review by saying: 

‘This is a most satisfying dry gin – an excellent sipping gin, easy drinking on ice it also makes a great gin and tonic which we garnish with a rhubarb slice.'

Read the full review from the London Gin Club 

Gin of the Month

Meanwhile, the Juniper Club has given York Gin the accolade of being their Gin of the Month for May

This is what they say about York Gin: ‘Another fantastic Yorkshire Gin to add to our collection. Pair with Fever Tree Naturally Light Tonic, a dried orange slice and a couple of Juniper Berries.’

So the gin is in the hands of the Juniper Club's dedicated gin subscribers.

Buy the gin from the Juniper Club 

As well as selling the 70cl bottles, they’ve paired our miniature with Purple Ram Yorkshire Gin into a lovely gift set

It seems York Gin has stepped out of the City of York in May - getting to see the whole country and is in real gin lovers' hands.