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Getting around York in our first month.

We’ve been out and about in some excellent York places meeting customers and seeing their reactions to York Gin.

And guess what?

People seem to love York Gin. We are pleased.

Emma and Harry were welcomed by the Evil Eye on Stonegate just before the Easter weekend to allow people to try York Gin and buy at a discount. The Evil Eye Gin Shop is something you have to experience. Over 1,000 different brands of gin in such a small space.  It’s like a juniper-based Tardis -  and in fact holds the Guinness World record for the number of gins on sale in one place.

Harry and Emma at the Evil Eye

We met loads of people, locals and tourists alike - and plenty of people bought York Gin - loving the fact that it’s hand-made in the City of York and is so easy to drink.

Meanwhile our tastings in York’s top department store, the iconic Fenwick, were really well received in their beautiful gift shop.  In fact, we came away with the distinct feeling that people who like gin love York Gin. And people who don’t normally drink gin enjoy York Gin too.

Since then Fenwick has created a stunning window display with our cat and castle logo overlooking Coppergate.

It’s been key to York Gin from the start of the idea to be working closely with York businesses and in the City of York. We’re now working with the Jorvik on some unique flavoured gins and gin-based ideas to complement several of their ideas for 2018, using local botanicals. Some interesting colours and flavours are in the pipeline….