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York Gin’s newest gin has just won a double gold medal at one of the world’s most prestigious spirits competitions - less than a month after it launched. 

York Gin Outlaw was one of the stars of the famous San Francisco World Spirits Competition. The higher strength gin only launched on 1st March this year - its inspiration is the city’s villains including Guy Fawkes and Dick Turpin. 

In order to win a double gold, every member of the expert judging panel must award the product with a gold. This makes it it ‘among the finest products in the world’, say competition organisers. 

A medal from the San Francisco competition is a ‘universally recognized indicator of exceptional quality and craftsmanship.’

Head distiller and York Gin director, Pete McNichol said: “This really gives you a juniper hit first off. We’re pretty sure Dick Turpin would have loved a drop or two of the Outlaw - especially climbing up to gallows on York’s Knavesmire.”

York Gin classic won a Silver medal at the awards. This medal is awarded to ‘Outstanding spirits that show refinement, finesse, and complexity.’

Roman Fruit won Bronze. According to the competition, ‘these winners are excellent examples of their categories.’ 

This means all four of York Gin’s products have won at least one major award.

The San Francisco World Spirits Competition is one of the most influential competitions in the world. 

Founded in 2000, the SFWSC is one of the oldest competitions of its kind.

Its blind tasting over four days of competition means that every entry is judged fairly and given equal consideration. Judges don’t receive any information about the producer or   price - this means each spirit is judged fairly on its merits. 

York Gin Outlaw - a Navy Strength 57% gin - launched on 1st March. 

It takes as its inspiration the city’s outlaws, including Dick Turpin, Guy Fawkes and the ‘Yorkshire Witch’ Mary Bateman. (The tasting notes say it’s best served with peppercorns, ice and lots of care!)

York Gin Outlaw launched on the same day as a brand new Bloody York Gin Tour. This new tour is a blood-curdling, history-filled, two-hour walking and gin-drinking tour, mixing horrible history and restorative York Gins at three bars along the route. It follows the stories of the city’s most notorious and lesser-known outlaws.

York Gin Director Emma Godivala said: “We know our gins are extremely popular with visitors to York - and our locals love them. 

“To have this international recognition confirms that our gins can compete with - and beat - the best in the world.”