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Our gins - some of the best in Yorkshire, the UK and the world

York Gin’s motto is ‘History in the tasting’. The inspiration for our gins comes from York's 2,000-year-old history, our Yorkshire heritage and English gin's hundreds of years of traditions.

All our six gins come in large (70cl) and 20cl bottles as well as 5cl Yorkshire gin miniatures. The smaller bottles are available in elegant gift packs too. All these products are plastic-free.

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How and where we make all our gins

All our gins are hand-made in small batches in York's only distillery.

The distillery in Acaster Malbis - less than five miles from the town centre and within the city limits - is run on 100% green electricity. Our copper still, Ebor, named after the Latin name for York, Eboracum, makes our gins in batches of just 300 litres.

We bottle, label and pack all our gins and gift sets by hand in our distillery. And we deliver in our electric van.

We're committed to being as sustainable and environmentally-responsible as possible and are constantly improving our processes.

As well as treating the environment with as much care as possible, we also believe in treating our people as well as we can - so we are a Living Wage employer.

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York Gin London Dry

York Gin London Dry

Nine botanicals used by English gin makers for over 300 years come together to form a complex and satisfying classic. York Gin London Dry is all about the perfect balancing of flavours - a smooth, rounded go-to gin that defies fashions and fads. York Gin London Dry is vapour infused in a traditional copper still to ensure absolute consistency of taste.

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York Gin Roman Fruit

A juniper-led dry gin with no added sugar, infused with fruits and flowers associated with Ancient Rome - including strawberries, raspberries, apples and hibiscus. The infusion is a Yorkshire-made tea that sits in our London Dry for over two weeks to ensure a rich hue and complex flavour.

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York Gin Outlaw

York Gin Outlaw, a Navy Strength 57% gin, pushes the boundaries, as did the city's villains, Guy Fawkes, Dick Turpin and Mary Bateman. Stronger flavours; higher alcohol - enjoy York Gin Outlaw with care, tonic & ice.

It is double distilled - the base alcohol is the ‘heads' and ‘tails' from our London Dry, ensuring an incredibly smooth finish to this over-proof gin.

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York Gin Old Tom

York Gin Old Tom is a Victorian-style dry gin, slightly sweetened with a herb-infused sugar syrup made in the kitchen of one of Yorkshire's finest restaurants - the Michelin-starred Star Inn, Harome. The base gin is York Gin London Dry.

York Gin Old Tom won Best English Old Tom Gin at the World Gin Awards in January 2020.

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York Gin Grey Lady

York Gin Grey Lady is inspired by one of the city’s most famous ghosts - the Grey Lady, said to haunt the dress circle of the historic York Theatre Royal.

Our London Dry gin is distilled with Earl Grey tea and citrus, then infused with blue pea flower, giving it a ghostly blue-grey hue.

The Sunday Telegraph describes it as ‘a masterpiece in subtlety'. It won silver at the International Wine & Spirit Competition 2020.

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York Gin Chocolate & Orange

York Gin Chocolate & Orange is made in the city where the Terry's Chocolate Orange was invented and made for decades.

The finest cocoa nibs (dried, roasted and crushed cocoa beans) and fresh oranges combine perfectly with York Gin's classic combination of nine original botanicals.

The result is a beautifully balanced dry gin with rich and luxurious chocolate and zesty orange notes.

Serve neat over ice, in a G&T with an orange garnish or in cocktails.

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