The York Gin Company makes four different gins

Four York Gins

York Gin: Award-winning London Dry Gin. Our original and classic gin.

York Gin Cocoa: A distilled gin using single-source cocoa nibs.

York Gin Roman Fruit: An infused gin made with fruits inspired by the Roman era.

York Gin Outlaw: A 57% Navy Strength gin that pushes the boundaries, as did the city's villains.

A quick word about gin

York Gin is a distilled dry gin - the two things you need to create a dry gin are: alcohol and juniper. 

Beyond those two ingredients, it's up to the distiller to choose other botanicals in the process.

Some gins bring out the taste of peppercorn, others the flavour of lemon, cucumber or cardamom.

There are different methods to make gin. York Gin is a London Dry Gin - this is a traditional method which means we add no flavours or botanicals after the distillation process.

The York Gin story

York Gin's recipe still, Julie

With York Gin, we wanted to create a classic, smooth craft dry gin that doesn’t overpower your tastebuds with a particular botanical flavour, a gin that could have been around for centuries.

We compared and contrasted the gins we created in our copper two-litre alembic column recipe still with over 100 top gins. 

After months of experimenting, honing, tasting, discussing and more tasting we perfected our classic recipe that is both smooth and balanced. 

Traditionally, gin makers retain some secrecy about the exact ingredients. But we can tell you that our dry gin includes black pepper, cardamom and grains of paradise, as well as a combination of classic botanicals including angelica and orris root.

We love York and we hope you agree the design of our labels and bottles embodies some of the things that make York so special.  

York Gin Company: Our Gin

York Gin

Award-winning London Dry Gin. Our original and classic gin. Using classic botanicals for a finely balanced gin,  York Gin made using the London Dry distillation method in our copper still, Ebor.

York Gin recipe uses the London dry method - using distilled spirit with all the botanicals involved in the distillation in our beautiful copper still, Ebor named after the Roman name for York, Eboracum. Read more about York Gin 

York Gin Cocoa

Award winning unique gin distilled with cocoa nibs - York Gin Cocoa is a collaboration between York Cocoa Works and York Gin Company 

York Gin Cocoa - bronze winner at the World Gin Awards 2019 - combines a unique distillation our London Dry gin with the finest cocoa beans from the York Cocoa Works.  Read more about York Gin Cocoa 

York Gin Roman Fruit

We’ve plundered Ancient Roman Britain to bring history to life with our very first fruit infused gin - a juniper-led dry gin infused with flora and fauna associated with Ancient Rome. 

Our York Gin Roman Fruit bottles are engraved to allow the deep colour of the infused gin to be seen in all its imperial glory.

Read more about York Gin Roman Fruit

York Gin Outlaw


York Gin Outlaw, a Navy Strength 57% gin, pushes the boundaries, as did the city's villains, Guy Fawkes, Dick Turpin and Mary Bateman. Stronger flavours; higher alcohol - enjoy York Gin Outlaw with care, tonic & ice. 

Read more about York Gin Outlaw


Viking inspired York Gin

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