York Gin Cocoa (discontinued)

York Gin Cocoa - bronze winner at the World Gin Awards 2019 - combines in a unique distillation our London Dry gin with the finest cocoa beans from the York Cocoa Works. The result is a subtle but unmistakable nose of the most divine chocolate elements soaring above the gin’s more traditional botanicals. A complex and satisfying gin with a unique rich element of cocoa.

York Gin have discontinued making York Gin Cocoa as of summer 2019 - and there are a few bottles left to buy at our shop in York.

York Gin Cocoa Made in Yorkshire

We use the heart - or centre - of the cocoa bean in York Gin Cocoa. This is the part of the bean that is used to make chocolate - the best part of the bean which, through fermentation, contains all the flavour of the cocoa. Lots of people ask why York Gin Cocoa is a clear gin, rather than being chocolate coloured. It would be brown if we steeped the cocoa beans in the gin - known as infusion - at the end of the process. But to get the most delicate flavours, alcohol vapour passes through the beans as part of the distillation. This means the gin is clear and full strength.

The single source beans we use for York Gin Cocoa are either Gran Nativo Blanco from Peru or Arauquita from Colombia. The Gran Nativo bean gin contains sharp, tropical fruity notes of grapefruit and passionfruit, and the Arauquita bean gin is slightly softer with citrus edges. Both complement the juniper-led base. After distillation, the cocoa nibs are returned to the York Cocoa Works to make York Gin chocolate. No waste.

York is famous for its history of confectionery and chocolate making going back nearly three centuries with names like Terry's and Rowntrees building their cocoa empires in the city.

The York Cocoa Works is re-discovering the art and science of chocolate making in York. Their focus on exploring origin and flavour of their cocoa and our collaboration is a definite nod to the city’s rich industrious history of creating and enjoying wonderful flavours. If you come to York, a visit to the Cocoa Works is a must for any chocoholics!

The skills needed to make great quality chocolate and fabulous  alcohol products are very similar.

You need to recognise the absolute necessity to use the best possible raw materials. You can’t compromise on your ingredients if you’re serious about making a beautiful finished product.

And the creative process is in many ways traditional alchemy - distilling, boiling, cooking and matching delicate flavours, extracting the very essence of the flavour. Testing. Tasting. Trying again.

We use bespoke equipment to make York Gin Cocoa to ensure the flavour of the cocoa beans is pure. The gin is hand-made and bottled and labelled by hand. Nothing is left to chance. And we hope you’ll taste the history, the expertise and that bit of inspiration with every sip.




How to serve York Gin Cocoa 

As recommended by Evil Eye Cocktail bar, York

Perfect serve G&T

York Gin Cocoa,  Indian tonic  Cocoa nibs
Or a cinnamon stick to garnish

Evil Eye York Gin Cocoa Cocktail  - Yorkshire Day Special

Shot of York Gin Cocoa
Shot of Frangelico
Shot of Cacao
Sprinkle of Cocoa Nibs

Evil Eye York Gin Cocoa Cocktail  - Luxury Chocolate and Cocoa 

Shot of York Gin Cocoa
Shot of Cacao
Half Shot of Frangelico
Half shot of Cariel
Egg White - shaken with cocktail ingredients

York Gin and York Cocoa Works

The York Gin collaboration is an exciting alignment exploring ingredients, processes, expertise and passion, marrying the flavour development in two very different but very similar familiar products.

About York Cocoa Works  

York Cocoa Works is from the York Cocoa House team who have long been promoting and celebrating the city's long chocolate heritage. The new chocolate manufactory and education centre on Castlegate is just a stone's throw from the Tuke's grocery shop which became the city's first chocolate manufactory in 1785 before Henry Isaac Rowntree eventually trained in the department in the 1850s. The company's chocolate materials are now fully manufactured in the city using direct and sustainably sourced cocoa ingredients.