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We've been lucky enough to work with the JORVIK Viking Centre - one of the most visited, creative and history obsessed places in historic York to launch something to celebrate our Viking history and to coincide with Bloom York. 

It's classic York Gin, made in the City of York, but with an exclusive Viking ship inspired label, and a pack of botanicals to create your Viking inspired cocktail. The botanicals bag includes dried nettle and bilberries - both native to the Coppergate area of York where the JORVIK Viking Centre now stands.

The bottles and gift packs are exclusive to JORVIK Viking Centre, so to get your hands on one - you'll just have to visit York!

 - the Evil Eye, created an exclusive cocktail to marry it all together.

Take a look at JORVIK Viking Centre's wonderful Viking Gin site - which includes a Viking gin cocktail recipe created by the Evil Eye cocktail bar in York (holder of the Guinness World Record number of gins)

York Mix muse on the Viking habit of kicking off their hard-days woes and drinking gin in front of the fire, (they didn't, but what a pity eh?)

and That's York TV interviewed a (nearly) real Viking, Ross from the JORVIK Viking Centre to find out more about the gin and the history of Viking botanicals. Watch the VIDEO , it's worth it, just for the fabulous Viking red beard.


And that Cocktail recipe...

York Gin in Viking inspired Cocktail from the Evil Eye, York

Here it is...

1. Make a tea with 2 part nettles and 1 part bilberries

2. Leave to brew for 5 minutes

3. Strain it making sure all the bits are removed

4. Add 2 spoons of honey every 150 ml of tea

Measure into a shaker:

50 ml of York Gin
25 ml of mead
50 ml of tea infused
12.5 ml of gomme/sugar syrup
12.5 ml lemon juice
Hand full of basil

Then, to serve:

Shake the drink energetically and fine strain into a tall glass.
Add ice cube and crushed ice on top.
Garnish with basil head and bilberries

Please drink responsibly, for further information please visit

Emma Godivala from York Gin  and  Shelley Green from the Evil Eye York being served a Jorvik Viking gin

Emma from York Gin, and Shelley Green - owner of the record breaking Evil Eye York, being served a Viking inspired Cocktail ...

What fun! Get yourself to the Evil Eye on Stonegate and the JORVIK Viking Centre to grab a bit of the Viking action. And York Gin, of course.