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Expert reviews of York Gin 

Since York Gin launched in 2018, our gins have been reviewed countless times by gin experts, bloggers, influencers and social drinkers.

On this page, we've included and linked to reviews written by people who write about gin for a living, or who are well-known expert bloggers.

Everyone who drinks our gins loves them. We haven't found one person who doesn't like them. We've even converted whisky drinkers with our Navy Strength Outlaw gin.

If you're the kind of person who likes to take their time before choosing a brand, we hope these will help you make your decision to choose York Gin.

The Reviews

‘Arguably one of the best gins in the world regardless of genre - York Old Tom is a must try, must taste, must have offering.

It's an unmissable gin in a sea of gin. It's so good there's not enough superlatives to do it justice.’ (York Gin Old Tom)

- Spirits Kiosk

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‘A masterpiece in subtlety’ (York Gin Grey Lady)

- Susy Atkins, Sunday Telegraph

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‘An impressive example of a traditional gin.' (York Gin London Dry)

- The Gin Guide

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‘I enjoyed this gin immensely.’ (York Gin London Dry)

- Sue Telford, For the Love of Gin

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‘York Gin is superb.’ (York Gin London Dry)

‘An example of a brand who have got it spot on and delivered it to stunning effect. This is a must have for any gin collection!’ (York Gin Roman Fruit)

- The Gin Shelf

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This is a most satisfying dry gin – an excellent sipping gin, easy drinking on ice it also makes a great gin and tonic. (York Gin London Dry)

- London Gin Club

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‘A classically styled London Dry gin with attractive floral tones, nutty angelica, subdued citrus and light spice.’ (York Gin London Dry)

- Difford's Guide

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‘Literally classed as one of the best spirits in the world and I can see why.’ (York Gin Outlaw)

- Manchester Food Tourist

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‘This gin will play perfectly when creating a new cocktail menu for your next socially distanced party.’ (York Gin London Dry)

- Gin Magazine

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