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Gin activities during the coronavirus lockdown that won't damage your liver

During the coronavirus lockdown, the gin drinker needs to have more to do than just drink gin. So here are some ideas to help you feed your love of gin without necessarily causing permanent damage to your liver. From a gin crossword to live online gin quizzes, gin history lessons and garnish guides, there’s lots you can do to improve your appreciation of gin during this frankly awful time.

‘Friday Night Gin’

‘Friday Night Gin' is an online quiz with two of the York Gin shop team (Susannah and Jo, pictured above) who are missing chatting about gin to their customers.

All for fun with gin chat, gin giggles and gin trivia - and a gin prize awarded randomly at the end. It's at gin o’clock (6pm on a Friday) on York Gin's Facebook page.

Register here

Sipsmith Gin Crossword

We love Sipsmith. They started the small distiller gin revolution in 2005 and since then have been making excellent gin and been superb ambassadors for English gin. According to the company, ‘Master Distiller Jared Brown has applied his extensive gin knowledge to crafting the ultimate Gin-lover’s Crossword.’ Give it a go.

They provide all the answers at the bottom of the page so you don’t get that frustrating sense of not really knowing if you’ve got them all right.
Try the crossword

Gin jokes, quotes and puns

Entertain yourself for a while with the collection of gin jokes, quotes and puns we've gathered together - then send them on to your friends.

It’s apparently the best collection in the world, and contains corkers like:

‘If you walk a mile in my shoes. you’ll end up in a gin bar’ and ‘An Oxford comma walks into a bar - and orders a gin, and tonic.’

Read the full gin jokes collection

Research weird and wonderful cocktails

Drinks bible the Difford's Guide is an excellent source of all things booze - and owner Simon Gifford constantly tries to inspire bartenders and at-home drinkers alike with topical and fun collections.

Here are some of his Easter cocktails to try

But if Easter’s not really your thing, there’s lots of other excellent inspiration and background to plough through during these long days in the guide

Gin geekery and gin bargains

Read up on the history of gin, the major issues surrounding the industry - and then get 20% off some fantastic gins on Gin Foundry and Gin Kiosk.

If you’re online already (which let’s face it you are for hours and hours and hours each day!) you may as well get a few bottles of discounted excellent gin while you're at it.

You can give them away as presents if you're concerned about your personal consumption.

Gin Foundry - gin geekery

Gin Kiosk - gin bargains

Become a garnish expert

Learn all about the garnishes that accompany your G&T with this incredible list in the Gin Guide.

Garnishes are not only a soggy piece of pickled lemon. There really is a whole garnish world out there!

This guide may open your mind to some possibilities you hadn’t thought of before - and you'll actually get something positive from this whole mess.


Wishing everyone a happy Easter weekend of staying in, doing some of these activities, eating chocolate - and enjoying the odd G&T.

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